Doing my best to make this world a better place, sharing positive vibes with music and cinema, creating, evolving and learning everyday.


I’m French, always on the move, with a HQ in Paris. 

Ongoing projects :


Music @ TOPIN now producing and recording the next EP with Antoine Krattinger and Hasard Records in Switzerland.


Cinema @ “Le Dernier Soir” Sharing the screen, the writing and direction with Karen Frydman, produced by Cyclon StudioNow editing and prep for festivals. 


CEO @ Revolution Records

Hi, I’m Antoine, born in France in 1991, raised across the world, I work in the cinema industry as an actor, a scriptwriter and a director, and in the music industry as a guitarist, a singersongwriter and a producer.


Life is too short to spend it doing something you don’t love


I’m always open to new projects and new ideas. So let me know what you’re up to and I’ll study what we can build together. 


All I want is to leave this world a little better than I’ve found it.


Nothing less, nothing more.


And like Bill Hicks said : Life is just a choice right now, between fear, and love“.


#workharder #domore #stepback #livenow